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Lots of variables, and preferences.

If you're running a narrow sidewall on 18's 19's, you're going to want to go higher PSI to maintain a civil ride. 36-<40 psi isn't too uncommon.

Thicker sidewalls (like 50'series aspect ratio) you can get away with 32psi-34psi.

Next time you fill up, air up the tires to 36psi or so. Drive a few days, and if you want more a more compliant ride, air them down to 34psi. On non run-flats, for daily driving duties, I'd suspect the sweet spot to be around 33psi for something like a 205/50/16, and 37-39psi for thinner sidewalled non-rft's.

If you want turn-in response and less sidewall rollover with total disregard to a civil ride, 40-45psi is where you want to be.

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