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Winter Tyres - proper tested!

Spent the last few days snowboarding in Andorra (which was nice).

When we arrived it was not too snowy....roads totally clear...

but then last night it did this for a few hours.....

...they did a good job of clearing the roads this morning, but it was still drifting and quite slippery - but while many cars had chains on, the winter tyres on our car provided loads of grip. Before we set off I did wonder whether we would need chains too - but they weren't needed.

You might be thinking that this doesn't look so bad and you could drive in this in summer tyres....well some muppets thought that also...

...this was the 400m+ queue formed behind some dullards in a front wheel drive car on summer tyres that was hopelessly spinning its wheels and getting nowhere with one passenger trying to push it - it ended up blocking the entire road upto the summit/Andorra. The people in the queue (most with winter tyres or chains) - were all fuming & honking horns, and understandably so! Just glad the route down was not blocked.