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Originally Posted by Markanthony3210 View Post
Also, I drive about 90 miles a week, 360 miles a month, 4,300 miles a year. What are your thoughts judging from my mileage?
Your mileage is super low. Which only strengthens the point of not buying a BMW maintenance further. More than that though, I would think it depends on how much of a tech-savvy person you are.

Do you freak out when one fine morning the check engine suddenly goes off and can't stand it without having the dealer diagnose it for you and tell you that everything is going to be okay?

Or, are you the kind that will keep calm, observe any changes, consult forums like this one, take a few opinions and make the best decision financially, and for the car.

Since you are already here, I am assuming you are the latter, in which case, you should be fine without the warranty.

But like I said, if you need that sudden peace of mind, then warranty will probably give you the extra assurance. That sentimental weakness is what the dealers make money off anyways