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Originally Posted by spiike32 View Post
  1. If you're 6MT, make sure your dealer covers the clutch. Some dealers wont, mine does. I'm on my 2nd right now. As my SA told me, any sign of slipping they will change your clutch to a new one which is nice.

I mainly only got it for the clutch...
Same here, it was the clutch disc coverage that did it for me, otherwise I would have declined. Plus I drive about 12k miles a year. I'm at 51.5k now. I expect to put 24k on between the start and end of the 24 months of coverage.

I don't see how a car with 300 lb/ft of torque, driven enthusiastically in a mixed city/highway environment is not going to need a clutch before 75k.

spiike32, at what mileage did your clutch need replacement?

Had my front brakes/rotors not needed replacement at 49.8k miles, they would have been replaced under the maintenance plan. So I could have very easily have had that covered. Ditto for the fluid change, I got them to do it a month early since it would have been covered anyway.

Rear brakes say 18k to go but they are very "squeaky". Does anyone know if I can get them to change them out if the rotors are worn below spec? Pads were changed once before at 25k.

But how can some dealers not cover the clutch? It explicitly says "clutch disc" is covered. I could see them trying to hit you up for a new flywheel, but the clutch disc (and pressure plate, I assume) plus labor should be covered.

I've heard that if you get the PPK software, the CBS will call for oil changes every 7.5k instead of 15k. Can anyone confirm this?

BTW, it pisses me off that they cover "manual transmission oil" on "selected models" meaning M models only. My car has the same transmission as a 6MT E92 M3 but somehow my trans oil is "lifetime" and the M3's only lasts 30k?

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