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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
If you think a bunch of far-right wingnuts are going to make things better you are going to be deeply disappointed. Politicians are politicians. They are going to do whatever is in their own best interest. And if any of these Tea Party idiots has an ounce of conscience or integrity, they'll tell the Wall Street special interests and lobbyists to go to hell. But they won't. The money will continue to flood into their war chests and after a few months they'll be bought and paid for just like the current crop of Congressional jackasses. As long as special interest groups are allowed to buy influence, we will have no action from Congress that is in the best interest of the country as a whole.
While i don't disagree with most of your points, in fact i very much agree as it relates to the under lying cooroption that exists in Washington, but where's'your hope? I am optimistic a new administration and some new blood in the Senate will result in progress and hopefully reform; to what degree is anyone's'guess. Special interest groups have been apart of our political landscape for a long time and it's'not just Wallstreet, and i do not expect that is going to change anytime soon - unfortunatley. I still have faith in the our country and most of its' citizens, albeit that's'been waning lately, they will send the message this election cycle and if not, the next and so on...