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Originally Posted by jerflash View Post
bmw of bloomfield raised there price to 1060 in the ebay auction...i called them on it saying i was just about to buy it and now im not cause they rasied the price...see what they say

Just about to pull the trigger and..... WTF?
At first I was thinking maybe I was crazy, but I had it on my watch list.... $900
The only reason I was waiting was because I don't want the damn thing right now- the car is in the garage for the winter. My plan was to have it shipped right to the shop who was going to install it, but I didn't want to have it in their way for 6-8 weeks.
Oh well- let us know what they say.
I did see the MF on ebay for $691 (I think)- that was the cheapest I'd seen.
That image above is not the correct system- the MF stock # is 16539 I believe.