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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
Trading in a car because of a dealership that treats their customers like ass? That's just silly.
No it's not - not at all. The OP also called the drooling morons at BMW NA and they were, as usual, no help. Personally, if the OP really does ditch the car and get another brand I applaud his statement.

This is a worn and debatable topic I know, but until BMW and other manufacturers realize that the dealership is a direct extension of their corporation they are riding the road to failure. It is the dealership with whom we must do business, not BMW NA or BMW AG. Who cares about the corporation or the state of the art factories, or the marketing machine if you can't get legitimately warranted satisfaction at your dealer?

I'm fortunate to have a good dealership, but if I didn't, I would do the same thing if I had those problems. Brand loyalty only works for me if the brand is equally loyal to me. BMW is currently riding high on a wave of popularity and fashion. It's easy for a struggling company to provide excellent customer service - that's a survival issue... when they stop doing it when times are good, that is telling about the organization.

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