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Originally Posted by Ninjaneer

Why not wait for turbo, just curious cos I was in the same boat. I was ready to get an '06 330i and hadn't bothered researching the 335i and once I did and figured out the new stuff it made me reconsider.

Although in my case what really drove me was that I wanted Arctic and it was next to impossible to come by with the features I wanted, so I figured go with the 335i and the color I wanted, and oh wow it comes with turbo Not to mention the extra mark up LOL! But I'm treating myself while I can at this stage in my life

I thought a lot about the turbo. 45 more horsepower is great, but I'm coming from an '02 325i. The 330i is already like a 70 hp gain. Enough power for me. Plus this is BMW's first turbo in what 30 years? They're not know for turbos, let's put it that way. 1st year? No thanks. I could be great and totally problem free. Or not. I KNOW the 330i is solid. Good enough for me.