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Originally Posted by sjk9671 View Post
So you know the reason for the second amendment is so that we as citizens have a means to overthrow our own government in case of tyranny right?
Just out of curiosity (because living in europe I don't really care if you have the right to have a gun in the US or not)... don't you think that:

a) tyranny wouldn't give a shit about the rights stated in your constitution?
b) even if the right wasn't given you by constitution, wouldn't you folks just fight the tyranny - now matter if it would be illegal? Or would you be like "We should mess up this whole tyranny shit, let's get some guns" "Oh, no, wait - it's not stated in the constitution so we better don't do it... let's hit "like" on facebook instead, this will probably do too"?

I really have no problem with you having guns. Wear so many of them as you can carry, no problem for me.