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Originally Posted by Serjames View Post
viv i can vouch 100% for these chaps... Simon was always Brilliant on the 350z forum and they ALWAYS supply my oils Very cheaply.

i still use my 350z id, but would love to use the BMW one.

Nothing to fear from these guys.

Originally Posted by ///ajd View Post
"Is there anything you've got to show how 'trustworthy' they are?"

Only that if you look this is probably one of the only sizable UK BMW forums that isn't affliated. Show them the link - at least 6 other BMW forums are listed.
Originally Posted by DervFan View Post
What about Fulfilled orders?

It's not necessarily a 'recommendation' from the site/board that we're after. It's affiliation of the board with Opie in order to benefit members. There's no obligation to buy or no recourse to the sites owners, much the same if anyone else has posted an Ebay link? Can't see what the big deal is myself - but then I'm not politically motivated (perhaps that's my problem in life )
If you all send MarkE90M3, one of the admins, a PM about this, then perhaps it'll help to get him to have the forum signed up to Opie?

Another option is to start a new thread in the 'Site Related Announcements' section & have UK members post their views in there, of signing up to Opie.
Last time I started a thread in there, we had the UK Off-topic section started up within half an hour.

I'd sign the forum up myself, if I could, but I can't, unfortunately.

All the best.

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