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Originally Posted by MurderedBeemer
My 335i was given to me from my parents, and they pay for my mods, although I don't always ask for parts! They say they rather pay towards mods then drugs or alcohol I also have a part-time job which all my money is saved up for to buy a condo. I'm still in school though
Just going to throw this out there...

This thread is so relative in nature that its really making certain folks (who are bitching about this guy's parents' decision to buy him a car and mods for making good choices) look like they are of a socioeconomic status that I'd choose not to publicize. In my opinion, there's less to respect about someone who spends a disproportionate amount of their income on a car and mods above their class (enthusiast or not) than someone who spends a negligible fraction of their salary to provide their child with a reward for behavior that will turn into a self-rewarding career a few years down the road.

But we digress... This thread was going to ruffle feelings from the onset.