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Originally Posted by R.G. View Post
Nice, sub'd
Can't be good when a rival sub'd to your thread, lol. Time to update that avatar my friend, you're not on 20's anymore.
Originally Posted by HP Autosport View Post
Seat Make and Model: Recaro Profi XL
Options if any (electric, adjustable, heated, etc): NONE
Harness: Sparco 6pt Camlock
Rails Included/needed?: Macht Schnell
Pros: Great for tall guys 6'0+ (I'm 6'3" 200lbs)
Cons: none (other than long rides the lower back hurts)
Certifications/class: Forget but they are certified until like 2016

Never took a pic just by themselves.
Big plus for these. I'm 6'4.
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Get the aluminum mounts and no sliders if you want to save weight. The steel floor and side mounts are VERY HEAVY.
Good pointer!
Originally Posted by TSM330i View Post
I have a set of Sparco Milano adjustable seats with Macht Schnell mounts in my car. They are not electric (I'm not sure how many aftermarket seats have electric controls), but they do fold forward and have lumbar support so they're not racing shells. BMW Performance Seats are not legal in the US and they're going to cost about $5500 for two of them on eBay or some other importer. They are essentially Recaro CS, which you can get for about half the price.
TBH: At the time when I was tracking my car, I did the vast majority of driving on the street (95% of the time) and I was doing about 15-20 track days per season and was more interested in comfort. Do these seats hold me in place MUCH better than the stock seats - yes. Do they hold me as well as racing shells - no. Can I feel what the car's doing much better due to a stiffer frame - yes.
In the end, I made the right decision. The seats only saved 9lbs. each vs. my BMW Sport Seats! I could have saved a ton if I would have gone with racing shells (20-25lbs per seat - you have to remember, the added weight of the mounts and sliders is a significant amount. I love the seats and would do the modification again.
You may also have to do some fabrication and you'll want to get rid of the airbag light (at the time I was able to buy a plug-and-play to get rid of the passenger side airbag light).
Just make sure whoever is doing the installation that they take the care to ensure everything is done correctly and safely. Remember, if you are in an accident, the seatbelts need to work just as they were designed to or you could be seriously hurt.
Check out some old pics of my car here on post #529. I didn't have my roof and electric steering wheel yet, but the seats were installed and that's all you're really interested in anyway.
Good read. Aiming for support and comfort. Extra weight saving would be a bonus, but not a biggie for me since whatever I'll get will be lighter than stock. Nice car and seats! TiAg FTW.
Originally Posted by 3002 Tii View Post
Any electric, adjustable, heated racing seat won't be of much of a racing given losing those components is where all the weight savings come from. If you need those things may as well stick with factory M-sport seat and run Schroth quick fit harnesses.

Performance seats aren't even legal in the US.
Those options aren't want I'm looking for, but to get people to list the option(s) they have on their seats. On another note, I never thought of just running a quick fit harness. Guess I can pick one up and try it out to I find the right seats.