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I jUst did it last night and took the filter out of the box and tossed it in. did the charcol removal as well cleaned it out 3x with soapy water to make sure no bits got sucked into the engine. However the car has worse throttle response and roll ons are crazy slow. i remember doign a roll form 40mph in 6th gear was like damn this is fast before and now its slightly faster than my neon making 130hp in a 5th gear roll on. I checked everything like 3x. gonna go check it again. I know what im doing with cars since well ive raced and i know i didnt make any stupid mistakes. Did those that disconnectec the battery have everythign fix or what. The car does only have about 40ish miles on it as it sits but they way these sytems work is it shuld adjust immeaditly to the changes rather than after 50 miles. Also dont wanna loose all my settings and data in the nav system if i disconnect the battery, Will this happen?
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