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Originally Posted by KEVIN88GT View Post
FMINUS... I see you've taken the time to carefully quote and respond to the above users.... yet ignore my question.... did I offend you in some way? If you didnt want to reveal the pricing to everyone you could of PMed me... not sure why you're choosing to ignore me...

I've complemented you on your work before... however I'm on the east coast... hence I wanted to see what this caliber work costs... that way when I get quotes near me... I could compare....

IMHO, I don't think you can compare. You'd be hard-pressed to find a professional detailer who would put the time and level of work into it that FMINUS does. There was no one else I wanted to touch my car and he does this as a hobby, not as a profession. I've looked at prices for professional detailers here on the west coast and they charge anywhere from $150 - $600 and don't do anywhere near the level of work that FMINUS does. Not to be rude, but it's not my place to tell you what he charged me....and to make my point clear, I don't think you can compare because no one I've talked to puts the time, skills, equipment, labor and, dare I say it, love, into the work like he does.

Thus, based on the above, I would suggest that $400 is probably about what you would pay for the "best" so-called professional detailer but I still feel that the work would pale in comparison to FMINUS's work and thus, there is no comparison.