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How to get the BMW TIS (service manuals) for free

Hello! Recently I discovered a free website that has all the service manuals. But, it took me hours to find it. Why? Because all the other website that people linked to were dead and have been taken down. So I found the actual TIS DVD which install on your computer. I'll be around a long time and will always keep the ISO safe so if the link ever gets taken down I will try my best to re-upload it. The online source has the most recent models while the ISO/DVD is up to 2008.

Here is the link to the online source

Here is the link to the TIS iso file.

Here's a short video tutorial with text write up on how to install it. If you have any questions ask them and I will be glad to answer.

Firstly, you need a 32 bit install of Windows XP. I personally have it running on a 32 bit install of Windows XP on a virtual machine. I think you can run it of Windows 7 but not sure. 95 would surely work to. Has to be 32 bit. You also need a ISO mounting software if the OS doesn't have it natively. I use PowerISO, it's free and simple.

Video demonstrating me installing the software

Text instructions

Ok now that you have your Windows installed, you need to mount the iso. I use Power ISO to mount it since Win XP doesn't have a native solution to do so.

After it's mounted, it will act just like a CD in your windows explorer, navigate into it and go to "\WIN95\BMW\TIS" and run "SETUP.EXE" . This should install "Sysadm". Say yes when it prompts you to put a shortcut on your desktop to make things simple.

After "Sysadm" is installed, there should be a shortcut on your desktop, open it and then go into the "TIS" tab and choose "install". It should now install TIS. When it prompts you to select "CD" or "Hard Disk" select the latter.

Now you're ready to use TIS

I'm sure some of you might know things I didn't mention, let me know and I'll add to the thread!