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Originally Posted by jaybird124 View Post
1. Depends on what you're definition of Normal Operating Temperature (NOT) is. You should be able to progressively rev higher once you see the gauge start to move.
2. It can take longer to warm up if you're in a colder climate. The 5W30 should be sufficient.
3. The car has an electric water pump that doesn't even turn on till its needed. This helps the engine warm up significantly faster. Your heater will be a better indicator of when your car is starting to reach NOT than when the oil gauge goes to 225-250.

You're over thinking this a little too much though. While its good to warm things up for long, long term durability (like 200k miles), the fluids that have been put in are designed to work for the Joe Shmo who just gets in his car and drives to work.
It's not a racing engine that requires a specific warm up sequence (which is due partly to the particular fluids used in those vehicles).
Warm it up a little, but beyond that, relax and enjoy it.
Thanks for helping!
I might be over thinking this, but its my first car, and am in the process of learning how to treat her right