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2 days at Spa Franchamps

i though i would show a montage of my lap times for the 2 day period at Spa. this is one hell of a race track. if you ever summon up the courage to do just one track day, this is the one you must do!
it just rocks.

from the commitment that you need when flying down the hill past the endurance pits towards Eau Rouge, to the nerve you have to hold when cresting the top of the hill. followed by a big stop at the end of the kemmel straight and the first hard right in to Les Combes. hold your nerve down the hill towards Rivage the hard down hill right handed semi corkscrew then in to the less tight left hander that leads towards Pouhon that fabulous double apex left hander with miles of tarmac run off. this corner needs nerves of steel and a healthy dose of testicular fortitude!

then on to fanges a flat out run in to a right left complex, the exit of which wants to pull you towards the outside edge of the track and towards a concrete wall. flat out again and blast still down hill towards the Stavelot right hander.

now push hard, as hard as you dare towards the two parts of Blanchimont. the first part of which is mild compared to the second part which only now and again doesn't get that small confidence lift or a tap on the brakes. this is one fast corner that if it goes wrong WILL ruin your day for sure!!!.

out of Blanchimont and barrel down toward the 1 year old Bus stop. different from before and not to my liking really. hard on the brakes and turn right then left to get on to the start finish straight. again flat up and through the gears up to the very last moment and stand on the brakes to take the tight but wide corner of la Source.

at this point you can once again look forward to the menacing Eau Rouge and Radion.

one lap over. started the 2 day period at approximatly 3:00min followed by more and more commitment until eventually achieving a time of 2:45:80.

it took bucket loads of concentration to take 15 odd seconds of my first few laps.

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