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I love the ///M3, but I want 550hp ///M5
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Well... i had e90 Duke Dynamics body kit from them.. one of the early GB... and gave it a try..

Despite my good-ok experience.. I'm not surprised at yours and I'm sorry you under went that experience.

I'd like to share my experience with the thread....


my first ever body kit for my own car - i was excited. Once painted and mounted on... i was only upset at the default diffuser for the rear mtech.. I didn't care though, because I had ordered a CF diffuser from them.

Now, maybe i had a not so great paint job.. but as time passed on.. the side skirts became worn because females who went in and out with their high heels kept scuffing it.. and one time i was coming out of a lower level parking lot, up some ruff broken up street ramp. It scratched under the FB side skirt. I hated that white color showing where i scratched the car..

The front bumper and rear bumper fitted well. I had a taxi run into me and grazed the corner of my front bumper... it was terrible.. and doing so many MEETS via 100mph+ speeds on dirty roads.. tryna catch up to m5/m3/335i's.. i got a ton of rock ships.. :-/

I think I may not have had complaints with side skirts like everyone else because I had the mudgaurds.. and the mudgaurds probably helped to keep it up (??)

Since repair of bumper from minor accident.. fitment in the front dropped to about 96%. It's not bad.. I wish i had the time to post pics for that.

TIMELY RESPONSES... DIFFERENT TIME zone but they were still cool. No complaints especially all the trouble I thought I had. I had a deal on the splitter.. but I wasn't sure if I wanted it at that time.. and fogs lights.

So now, i got new m-tech side skirts.. which are less aggressive than DD (I miss those sides.. they were so aggressive) and repainted front and rear... and it's awesome. I got a better paint job this time and they did a great job. Also fitted my CF diffuser.. and it's totally fine!

I've had the kit for 2 years... I don't mind it so much at all...


THEY USED MY PIC IN THEIR VIDEO WITH OUT MY PERMISSION.. i didn't contact them about it but I probably will.. I'm sure.. if I post pics after I dropp my car and get new 19 wheels they might post that as well... .. I'll make sure I put my watermark on the image next time.

No... then yes...

No because of the side skirt experience... BUT..

Yes because.. well... there are only a hand full of cool bumpers and bumper options for the e90 that I like at least. Mtech....OEM Bump with Splitter... and NOW LCI-MTECH...OEM PERFORM BUMPER... I know that now there are a few cars that look like mine in the front... I had gotten tons of compliments when I first had it.. and still kind of do now.. as people inch up when they are along side me or speed up to check it out.. it's cool.. but I dont like the spot light.. i know my ride is not that hot either. - I have been so over the car since over a year or so now..
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