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Originally Posted by E46M54325Ci View Post
My problem is that the timing of the coupes kills me. my lease is up in early April. The coupes don't go into production until July. you can't extend the lease without a VIN. I have a 1976 Merc 300d that was my grandfather's. It's in great shape, but no way in hell can I drive it daily in LA for 3-5 months. Stuck in a bad situation. Beyond that, I had a 325Ci, a 135i and now the 3335i coupe. Part of me is kind of over the whole sport sedan sport coupe thing. I keep telling myself that the BMW just makes more sense, but myself keeps telling me NOPE! Yes, I know that's not grammatically correct, but that's what's happening!
My situation was not as bad as yours, but I offer this as you may be able to extend your lease until you get your new coupe.
My 135i lease was up at the end of June. Msport didn't start production until July 1st, and my car didn't get to me until nearly the end of August. I got the first month extension just by asking for it. Then I had to call BMWFS and explain what was going on and that I was getting a new BMW, and it wouldn't be built and delivered to me until early September. They helped out with another extension.
Just be polite and explain what's up. They don't want to lose a sale either, so they may be able to work with you. Give it a shot if you really want a new coupe.