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Originally Posted by neverwerks View Post
Hey guys after installing and removing my tune several times i eventually broke the plastic on the sensor that is located on the left side (ecu side).

Does anyone know what the part number for this sensor is and where it can be purchased?

Has anyone else done this besides me?

I have looked on the Tischer site but was unable to find it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Another option which I do to avoid touching these little guys at all is to just leave them be, unclip what you must from the front of the cowl (wiring harness) and then flip the cowl over with them still connected.

This is good if you're just diving into the ECU. It's only marginally more difficult to work on the ECU box with the cowl flipped on top of the engine.

I ended up doing this after busting the actual mount (blade link piece of plastic) for the wiring harness securing ring for the sensor on the driver's side Like a lot of the plastic crap on this car, it was unbelievable weak and easy to break.
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