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Question Noob question about an exhaust for an 06 E90 325i SE....

Apologies for the noob question but my knowledge of exhausts is minimal. I've got an 06 E90 325i SE and love it. However, I don't love the nasty looking stock small dirty black exhaust pipes.

Firstly I thought I'd just get some OEM chrome tips to put over them. But then I thought about replacing the back box for a better sound as well and killing two birds with one stone.

I love the engine sound but feel I can hear very little from the exhaust so I'm looking to get a slightly louder, throatier and rougher sound, but am open to opinions.

Firstly, could someone confirm what parts I would need to change to change the sound of the exhaust? Ideally I'm not looking to get a full system and I'm not interested in the performance gains of a full system as I feel they are minimal given the cost involved. Instead I'm looking to change as little as I need to in order to get a better and louder sound. I'm not looking for something crazy loud just something that creates a slightly louder and sportier sound.

Can anyone recommend any UK manufacturers?? I've read some stuff about Rogue Engineering and Magnaflow. Alternatively I've read/heard the BMW PE is good, but expect that will be pricey. Budget is roughly 350 ish.

Thanks in advance.
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