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Originally Posted by jb84 View Post
Thanks for that guys.

According to RealOEM the pipe work that is welded into the front of the muffler is a bolted flange just behind the resonator. So thinking I might fork out extra for additional pipework but at the saving of not having to cut and weld anything.

Stainless pipe all the way, or just standard stuff with chrome tips?

Do the tips contribute much other than to the look?
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Hi guys, I'm in the same situation with an 06 325i which is N52

From what I can see from realoem for my chassis no. It is just a pipe from front to back and would need to be cut, although welding would not be required. I am a BMW apprentice and when we do exhaust work for example changing a back box or cat all we do is cut it and use an exhaust clamp which works fine.

I would suggest if you speak to longlife or maybe power flow about making pipes, that you ask them to cut and clamp it rather than welding as this would give you the easy option to change back to standard.

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