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I've been running 50 50 mix on e85 since they came out with the maps for rev2.5 I also have had to replace spark plugs and coils due to misfires and the issue went away and was running I get the lean codes in bank 1 and 2 and I get check engine light and it seems misfires when I go wot again. I replaced the coil and plugs about 10k miles ago but I guess I'll replace them again. The car runs like crap right now and I have the same issue when trying to go back the pump The car feels worse and just doesn't feel right and I do reset adaptations and gave time to adapt. Just not the same on pump since switching to e85.

Does the codes for lean bank 1 and 2 and my current misfires. Well I assume misfires. But when I clear the check engine light and go wot and get check engine light and codes the car runs extremely rough and I have to turn the car off then on to fix it.. .. But I can never go wot cause it always does it. suggestions. Think of upgrading to rev 3. Getting the flex kit and dime flash and new plugs and coils. Should fix the prob. Unless u guys think I need a new lpfp???