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Originally Posted by Jeff123 View Post
They seem to just charge the standard 54 for the MOT and my thoughts were that if anything is wrong it may be covered under warranty and could be done there and then, perhaps.

Also, if a technician (mechanic) is crawling around the car carrying out the MOT, surely there is not much extra work involved to complete the vehicle check. IMO, there is a constant amount of work involved in ANY garage activity; booking in, car to bay, ramps up etc............. If they are doing the MOT, how much extra time will be taken to complete the vehicle check?
It doesn't work like that I'm afraid, the MOT has to be seperate to all other work. By law garages have to have separate MOT bays (you even have to park in separate MOT spaces) They cannot carry out anything other than the MOT at that time.

If it fails the MOT then it's off the ramp and outside with it. They won't 'fix' anything unless it's a minor tweak or adjustment they can do quickly, anthing more has to be done separately (and charged separately) and re-tested.

Also its unlikely to fail the MOT on anything which is under warranty TBH.

So any BMW service item or 'inspection' will be a complete new task. If they did what you suggested that might save you some money - so they would never do it for sure!!

That's why you're better of getting it MOT'd at kwik fit or somewhere independant. If it fails, you can choose where to get it fixed (might be under warranty, who knows). It's pretty unlikely to fail TBH if its been well maintained.

Just get it done a month early, they can still post date it to the end of the 3 years.