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Originally Posted by Staszek View Post
Actually I like the Italian food in the US much better then the Italian food when I went to Italy

But I get your point.
Well... your right about one thing. Real Italian food has pretty much no relation to what is sold as "Italian food" in the US. Especially the abuse of Garlic which real Italians use only very sparingly.

But other then that I totally disagree. American 'Italian' food is *junk*.

Ohh and my wife *is* true Italian (born and raised) and I lived 5 years in the US (mainly in the NYC area), so I am familiar with true Italian food and that sold as Italian food in the US.

But as with anything when visiting a foreign country, if you want to have the real experience you need to avoid the tourist traps. You need to go where the locals go to get the good food.