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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by Leaker View Post
Wow. You guys sure worry about what other people think. My last car was an S4. I got silver so the mirrors wouldnt stand out and I debadged. I de-badge all the time. The Grill on the S5 has a little more chrome and the mirrors ar silver but thats it vs A5.
Why would you care what others think.
Not really sure how you made that deduction based on our posts.

The S5 stands out because it looks better. There's a reason Audi graces their higher end cars with more bright accents (the latest RS line even more so); it's to make them stand out and look more upscale. Period.

I couldn't care what people think about my car. I care about what I want and like. I think the S5 looks better with its aluminum mirrors, grille slats and diffuser piece. I would never buy an S-line audi in silver, but I'm not you. I would never debadge a car either, no matter how much or how little cache said badging might hold.

Learn to read.
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