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Originally Posted by Leaker View Post
Its all about 0-60 and competing then is it? Have you ever driven an A5 or an S5? . For $1200 an A5 will make 265 hp with 305 ft/lbs of torque. Your 0-60 goes to just over 5 seconds....about the same as 335....for about $7-8,000 less if that what you are concerned about. Plus all wheel drive is pretty nice. I almost got nailed from behind today as I was merging quickly into traffic. It was raining and as I get half way around the corner the FU%$#% traction control shuts everything down as a wheel loses grip. 335is and RS5 are in different leagues. M3 and RS5 perform similarly I believe.

yes to an A5 and no to the s5. took a douchebag in a S5 down screaming at me "YOU DONT WANT IT!" sigh....

for 400 dollars 335 will make 360hp and similar tq. and with a better tq curve, it competes against cars out of its league.

m3 beats the RS5 and has less HP. IMO with some suspension parts, the 335is is a great platform to build on. saving money and having a retrospectively impressive numbers with MINIMAL mods. it can compete against the RS5. (0-60 are identical or very close. 4.6 for rs5 and 4.7 for 335is) stock for stock. 68-70 grand for a rs5. ridiculous.

i dont understand how a car can look so good, but not perform. same for the gran turismo. your paying for looks rather then performance. BUT IT HAS LEDS!!!! omgz