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Originally Posted by fireline43 View Post
because most people associate money with people a Republican. I have a Democrat friend that I got in an arguement and couldn't understand why im Republican if I don't have money. Why wouldn't I want the government giving me money is exactly what they said. I can't respect a party who thinks like that.
That and the disgusting crap I saw when obama first got elected where people I work with seriously thought they were gonna get money from obama. Like he was gonna make their lives better. 4 years later and they are just as broke as before and hate obama now. His platform played on peoples emotions and ignorance. I want to strive for my success in this country, and I don't want the government giving me anything except less taxes and freedom.
If that is truly the case than I fear for the ignorance of the general american population more than I originally expected. I am afraid I missed that "free money" part of the Obama platform in 2008.

Course that logic can be applied to both parties. We shouldn't coddle ignorance, but that exactly what both sides do.