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OP: Why only two choices? I'm not voting for either one of them. There are more than two candidates on all 50 state ballots. Your poll is flawed, and without controlling for the many variables (age, education, marital status, location, income) it's basically worthless, like many of the national polls the media bombards us with.

And while we are on the subject of questioning why only two choices, maybe the real question should be: "Is there really a choice at all?". Stop listening to all the B.S. talk and look retroactively at what presidential candidates actually do once elected.

Pres. Obama did not turn out to be the liberal populist peacenik his supporters in 2008 though they were voting for. Many former supporters are quite disillusioned now.

Former Pres. Bush "43" did not turn out to be the solid, fiscal conservative his supporters though they were voting for. He sold out his party's stated principles at every turn just to get one more seat in the senate. In the end he seriously injured American Conservatism. A lot of demoralized Conservatives stayed home on election night in 2008.

Even former Pres. Clinton was not the liberal he played himself off as, and when the Congress turned sharply to Republican majorities in 1994, he skillfully worked with them while making it look like he convinced them to do it his way. In that case the outcome was positive: Welfare reform, a robust economy, etc.

Start to seem a lot more like it's just one party with two factions doesn't it...

BTW, Fearless prediction: Most of the poll numbers are all wrong. Almost all pollsters are basing their weighting on the 2008 turnout which was not a typical turnout. The results on Tuesday are not going to resemble the polls.


Now, let's refocus: This is a car forum. Perhaps we should take a look at those laws and policies that have worked against us as car enthusiasts and see who is behind those...

For example:

Who sponsored and voted for the 55 mph national maximum speed limit bill, and who signed it into law?
(Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1973. Nixon also established the EPA)

When was the 55 mph speed limit first relaxed and by whom?
(Ronald Reagan signed this law in 1986)

When was the national maximum speed limit finally abolished?
(Bill Clinton signed this law in 1996, the bill had been promoted mostly by Congressional Republicans as a States Rights measure)

Perhaps some of you guys are so young you don't even remember when you couldn't drive faster than 55 mph legally anywhere in the U.S. and State Police strictly enforced the law because the Federal government forced the states to prove that drivers were observing the 55 mph limit.

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