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Originally Posted by Magic Man View Post
RELAX! I've had this happen on my 2007 335i and "limp mode" just makes the car less peppy (sorta like your Saturn, Blazer or Honda). You can easily keep it at highway speeds and accellerate reasonably.
Ouch, zing! But actually the Honda is quite peppy and so was the Saturn. Not 300lb ft torque peppy, but when I hit the accelerator I knew it was going to you know, accelerate. I guess BMW now considers that a "feature" not offered on their turbo.

Every company is going to have a quality issue at one point or another. What makes it bigger than it has to be is when it's down played and not resolved to the consumers satisfaction (see Toyota/Lexus.) BMW is destroying their brand equity right now and Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti and others are loving it. Any BMW executives recommending this current course of action need to be fired yesterday.