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I just installed the Mtec H8 LED today myself. I originally had the LUX installed now I am replacing them with Mtec's. I took pictures to compare the 2. The driver side is the Mtec and the passenger side is LUX. I tried to take the pictures at the same angle but I cannot do that perfectly.

Personally the differences between the 2 is not much. Mtec appears to be a little whiter than the LUX (7000k vs 6500k so that wound make sense). Brightnesswise I do not see a big difference even though Mtec seems to be a bit brighter but once again, the difference is not much. Another consideration is I have the LUX LED for more than 6 months so that may lower the performance of the bulb comparing to the brand new Mtec. Pay close attention to the outside ring and the vertical lines on the lens in the middle of the inside ring (Mtec is brighter in fact it's so bright that the brightness obscures the lines on the lens comparing to LUX where you can still see the lines on the lens because it's not as bright).

Both brands have 4 LEDs but you can see the designs are different. Both are well built with good solid quality. LUX is made in the US (that's what the label says). Mtec....not sure (can't find it mentioning anywhere; ??Japan vs China vs elsewhere??) Prices are almost the same (about mid $200 range) and both are easy to install.

Please see an update pic under the sun (comparing Mtec and LUX after using Mtec for couple of months)

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