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Thoughts on under-bumper repair

Wanted yíallís thoughts on repairing this bumper. It looks like itís definitely taken some minor damage underneath, like itís been driven over a curb or parking block, and then backed off.

After looking at belly pan/splash shields on ECS, mine is missing this connector piece that connects the MSport bumper to the splash shield. My guess is it was ripped off, and the body shop just used a spare piece of plastic to jerry-rig the bumper back to the splash shield.

I ordered this piece from ECS for $42, and itís on the way. My question is, I wonder if attaching it properly with this connector/adaptor piece will hide these lumps/waves in the bumper? I was thinking of pulling the bumper, placing it on a flat piece of say, 2X8 wood, and heating it up with a heat gun and try to press it and form it flat again. I'd of course go at it from the inside of the bumper and take it slow, take it easy, careful not to melt the bumper or blister the paint.

Itís completely under the car and not at all noticeable. The car sits low enough that these lumps/waves in the bumper are basically under the car, and you canít see it unless the car is parked on a hill and youíre looking at it from below level. The bumper is otherwise in pretty good shape, so I thought Iíd try the $42 connector and heat gun approach instead of replacing the entire bumper.
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