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I just completed the passenger door and the instructions for the drivers door matched identically.
(Posting pre-passenger door update)

Here's some misc tips I learned on my install.

•The nuts for the motor are M5.
•The window regulator is the hardest part of the retrofit, while you don't need to remove it completely you do need to take separate it from the window and tape the window up. The regulator makes positioning the actuator and motor a PITA but aside from that it's a really easy install
•I used a used OEM part. It came with a child lock that must be snipped off (make sure its in the right position!)
•I did not have to bolt my motor down, it was wedged nicely between the actuator, door, foam damper, and the window regulator.
•There is a small wiring harness right next to the actuator, be sure its tight and doesn't get pinched anywhere. If its loose enough the window can snag it when it rolls down
•I recommend properly hardwiring the motor and not using T-Taps. It's too cold to deal with now so I'll tackle it in the summer. If anyone has any questions on in-line hardwiring DM me

The yellow highlighter in the picture is power, the brown is ground.
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