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Transmission Oil Pan Leak !!!

I was installing new quad tips yesterday and noticed a small leak from the transmission oil pan.

Somebody had the same problem some time ago:

In the above case the dealership changed the complete oil pan (24 11 7 571 217) which includes the oil pan gasket.
Check this illustration:

Since my car is no longer under the warranty I am wondering if this is OK to change only the gasket (24 11 7 571 235) and the sealing sleeve (24 34 7 588 725). The complete oil pan is pretty expensive and I don't think it is really need to change it.
What do you guys think ?

Moreover my dealership said I would need to pay for new transmission oil since they will need 9,5L.
Again, in the above case the dealership just added some oil, so it would mean he reused the old oil after changing the oil pan. Is that correct ?
Can I reuse my old oil ? How can I check the transmission oil level ?

Please help. Thanks.