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Originally Posted by FLA 335 View Post
in short it cuts power from the engine until the wheels are back in sync (front and back). it wont allow the rear wheels to spin, it will cut power before this happens... Also, there is DTC and DSC...

DTC wont allow for wheel spin period...

DSC wont allow the car to slide when taking turns..

when you press DTC once... you turn DTC off which will allow for wheel spin, but if the back slides DSC will cut in take away power and apply braking...

yes braking is applied to my knowledge... i have only had this vehicle but i am going based on research and reading numerous threads...

Search... is your friend... but i hope i was able to help...
DTC will not cut as much engine power as DSC. Only DSC will cut engine power fully. DTC will only apply braking to the rear wheels in case 1 wheel starts spinning more than the other wheel or if both wheels start spinning. This is to make sure power gets distributed instead of spinning away since we have open differentials. I got to see this in action when I couldn't get up a snowy hill with dsc on but dtc allowed me to get up the hill just fine.

DSC will use DTC and also limit engine power as well as selectively braking any wheel to stop the vehicle from going sideways. That includes the front wheels.

here is a video that describes the features.
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