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Originally Posted by doctor detroit View Post
Thanks, I'll give the 3M a shot. The issue I have is that although I don't use the car as a daily driver, I do take it on long trips. I've been to Italy twice and to Finland with it and when bugs are hitting your vehicle at 120mph over a 600 to 1000 mile trip it really accumulates. On the Finland trip I even washed it about half way to remove the 4311 bugs that met their death on my grille and windshield but it still took me three washes to get all the bugs off once I returned.

FWIW I spoke to an M3 owner today at the carwash (I was washing the wife's Ford there not my rig) and he also has read your advice and just ordered some clay. Neither of us had ever even heard of this before reading this thread.
I'm glad people are seeing the thread and taking back some of the tips! Clay is great stuff and can make a real different in how your paint feels!