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Originally Posted by rtjones View Post
Using all Zaino products (except the clay) I just finished washing my car to prepare it for a 2nd coat of Z2. One thing I immediately noticed was how the mitt literally glided over the paint. Amazing. This was due to almost fully detailing the car last week. I ran out of time and had to stop after wash, dry, clay, AIO, one coat of Z2, and finishing with Z6. While washing, I was very aware to rinse the mitt after each use (both sides) with moderate force water. Doing this, after fully washing the car, my bucket of soapy water looked like it had not been used. Paying attention like this, you will never introduce dirty (contaminated) water to your car.

After washing and drying, I checked the bottom 12 inches, all the way around the car, especially the front, for any touch up opportunities for clay. I found a few. One area the clay really worked well was inside the driver and passenter doors, the area where the driver or passenter lift their feet to get in. I wasn't able to remove the black scratches/streaks with the mitt and soapy water, but the clay took it right off. Very very nice.

After wringing out the excess water from my applicator, and applying Z2, I immediately realized how easy the 2nd coat of Z2 went on. Although it still required a bit more effort to remove. I find it difficult to see where I applied the Z2 and where I have not. My color is BMW's Titanium Silver, and it is just hard to see the difference. I need to come up with a pattern to memorize so I don't have to rely on my eyes.

I'm now taking a short break, and off to Z8 it. I didn't use ZFX in my Z2, so I cannot put on another coat, but I don't think I want to at this time, anyway. It looks great, and I can't wait for the Z8. That clay is pure magic, David. I'm so pleased I read this post and am now familiar with clay. It really works.

EDIT: Just finished the Z8. Well, I've never seen my paint look like this. I don't even remember it looking this good new, though it was in May '99. The Z8 is like a low viscosity cough syrup! Kind of orangish-yellowish, and even smells sweet. I could put a third coat of Z2 on, perhaps on the next normal wash in 2-3 weeks.

One thing I like A LOT re: cleaning the wheels is that after I clean them as the first step of the wash using soapy water and three different Oxo brushes (LOVE the brushes, bought them as a kit), I then clean them (both wheel and tire) really well using the cleaner high-gloss wheel cleaner David recommended. So the wheels are all detailed BEFORE I even begin washing the car. That way, when the car is finished and nice and clean, I don't have the ugly brake dust to content with while I'm drying my clean car. The wheels and tires are now wet, and wiping them with another clean towel gets them just a bit cleaner. In the past I'd detail the tires at the end, but I like detailing them first much better.

One last tip - everything you do to your paint (except maybe bug remover), such as polish, Z2, Z6, Z8, etc., do to your wheels. David, I don't recall if you've mentioned this, but the guy at Zaino told me this, and I love that tip.
Ron, it sounds like you had a very gratifying detailing session.

Looking back, I don't think I mentioned to people that they treat their wheels the same as their paint (wash, clay, polish, seal). I should have. This is what I do when I detail. The gentleman you spoke with at Zaino was correct in suggesting that to you.