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Originally Posted by DavidN View Post
You only need to use ZAIO for the first coat of Z2 or Z5 (whichever you apply first). The next 10 coats (spaced 24 hours apart) of Z2 or Z5 you apply can be applied without using ZAIO.
David, after using AIO, how many days/weeks can I continue applying Z2 whenever I wish, without applying more AIO? From your quote here I see I can go at least 10 days. What if I want to Z2 my car after my next wash in 2 weeks? That will be 3 weeks since the last AIO.

Also, under normal circumstances, how often do you recommend claying? I'm so pleased with the results, I would like to do it every two weeks, but it removes my Z2 sealant, AND it takes a lot of time and effort to clay a car. If once a year is OK, I'd like to do the full detail every six months, and claying every other detail. What do you think of that? Thanks.