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Originally Posted by *******_ View Post
You need Icom emulator or proper scripts for it Try to use this : just mount it in deamontools and run If it wont help try using diaghead emulator plus IFHsrv32.

Do you have DIS standalone or in VM ??

I have DIS v57 with coding on VM but its only for trade sadly. Try the way i write to you above ..

Here are some DIY in english if you dont ave them read it and try step by step

there are on my rapidhsre so if they are deleted just PM me to refresh links
I have the scripts for it...I was using the ChangesbyXdriveV2 which works for my car 2007 E93, but I forgot to change it over to SSSfull start which I think its for E36 and E46. I have to go back and try that out...So you obviously think thats the issue! Yeah you think to run the Digi emulator? Okay I will try that but I thought the Digi head emulator was just for the DIS software. I looked over the link you just send me and indeed the files look exactly the same as the SSSfullstart.iso. I will load that one up and take out the changesbyXdriveV2 to see if that works...Its just wierd that DIS and Inpa work with no problems.

I have both Dis 44 and Dis 57 in VM and they both work flawlessly...Only thing sucks about V57 is that E90s cant code CKM...Dis 44 works well but I rather have Progman code the car as the coding menu is so much easier to choose options for my brother in law...Dis has more literature to make changes...

I will head out later and try the SSS fullstart.iso along with your script that you linked me...Hopefully it will work...At least I know my 2 US dollar D-can cable modification worked! lol

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