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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
15mm spacers on top of that means you're effectively running 19x9 et9 and 19x10 et9. I don't see how that's possible without any combination of tons of neg camber, stretched tires, rolled fenders.
Keep in Mind I have an E90 Pre-Lci.

My previous setup was
20x9 et 20
20x10.5 et25

235/285 combo.

I dont ever stretch my tires.....

265 on a 10 is far from stretch look.

Rolled Pulled fenders...I was thinking either going 285/30/19 in the rears or putting 15mm spacers. I might rub with a full car but if your not rubbing then your stance is wrong lol

I have had 20+ sets on my car so I know what will fit and what will rub and what will barely rub. I have experimented with tons of tires and know by now what im doing.

Im most likely will be selling my wheels at the end of summer and get some 18 wide wheels. I like 19s but 18s just are a better ride.