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Originally Posted by ssquared View Post
Went in there this morning and they tried to charge me $450 for an oil change and a "scope".

Bill Evans, the SA, told me that they need to do a scope every time the car is serviced, which is a load of crap. Their own website says an oil change for a 2011 328 is $79.

They also insisted I needed new front brake pads because the key said I needed to do it in 500 miles. If you actually look at the pads, there is plenty of life left...the reading from the key is only a rough estimate.

I walked out and scheduled an oil change for $79 with another dealer in the area
Depending on how they informed you, I don't see anything wrong. I would be more disappointed if the SA didn't inform me of maintenance items that were approaching the point to be replaced. Informing me doesn't mean I have to agree and let them do it. It's just all SOP when you come in for service. You may only schedule to have oil changed but they're still going to scan your key FOB and check all the maintenance items.