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Originally Posted by shnapper View Post
Well I got the weird car then, Pro date:1/07 Auto Sport sedan no cooler my car must have missed oil cooler day at the regensburg plant Either that or it's in
another spot, but I doubt it because it runs warm and it's not even hot here in phoenix yet..........
shnapper, actually your case is not so weird

There have been several reports of automatic transmission cars with the sports package not having the cooler. There are also lots of automatic/sport owners contacting BMW to try and get the cooler installed. (good luck all!)

What I meant was weird is that NYBMW335 says that his MANUAL transmission car with the sport package doesn't have the cooler either. That would be the first case that I have seen of a manual/sport car not having the oil cooler.

Given the warmer temperatures that some of the cars run, it certainly wouldn't hurt for all of the cars to have the oil cooler.