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Angry cannot access F11 CIC via Enet..

Hello everyone, I was trying to download the 1b file from my 2013 F11 using the enet cable and the method described in Vespa's post, but was unsuccessful. I think my NAV unit is a small size screen business version (Map is MOVE 2017-1).

I connected my win7 laptop (anti-virus and firewall disabled) to the OBD2 socket with the Enet cable, switched on the car, assigned the IP address to network adapter (IPV4), typed in the ftp address in firefox browser, then got a timeout error message.

I used the command line to ping the CIC address and didn't receive any ping back.

Can someone suggest how to fix this?

Many thanks!

[QUOTE=vespa;18314028]Many thanks to Rotary Rasp and many others for developing these tools and techniques, I just combined several approaches to find a 12 step program. Here goes:

1. Get a ENET cable (yes, even though e9x doesn't normally use ENET). These typically end up costing about $5 by the time you pay for shipping and everything, but you can certainly save some money by making your own. Search eBay for "bmw enet", see this example for pre-made cables, or make your own with these instructions.
2. Set your PC/Android/Mac ethernet port to IP:, subnet:, Gateway:, any DNS
3. Connect the cable and turn on the car (acc mode is fine)
4. In your web browser go to:
5. It should prompt for a login, user name is "root", password is either "Hm83stN)" or "cic0803"
6. Click the link to go up a directory a couple of times then browse to /HBpersistence/normal and download the file "generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTControlle r"
7. Disconnect from the car and get that file into Windows
8. Open the file in a hex editor like Hxd
9. Press CTRL-F to search, change the search mode to "Hex" and then search for "01 01 00 1B. Note that the data just before this should read "3F 01 00 00", otherwise see 9a below.
10. Highlight and delete everything prior to "01 01 00 1B
11. Go to line (offset) 130 and delete the last block and everything after. The data to be deleted should begin with "3F 01", otherwise see 11a below.
12. Save the file as "a.hex", which should be exactly 319 bytes

Alternative options:
1a. Use a very particular USB-Ethernet adapter per a thread on the other board titled "showthread.php?11728-Get-1B-file-from-Exx-CIC-WITHOUT-ICOM" In this case the address settings may be:
Static IP: Mask: Gateway/CIC IP:
or: Static IP: Mask: Gateway/CIC IP:
2a. Use tftp32 to turn your computer into the host and force the CIC to the IP address of your choosing. Set your PC to a static IP address (e.g. Launch TFTD32 and bind it to your wired adapter. Under the options tab, set the start address to with at least 2 for the pool size. Reboot your CIC by pressing the VOLUME button for about 30 seconds. The CIC will now be accessible at the address you specified, in this case. See post #200 for more details.
4a. Use tftp32, WinSCP, or similar to make the FTP connection. You can check the "anonymous" box to login without a password. In this case the file will be called "data03" and located at /mnt/hbdebug/
9a. Sometimes the 1b file is not 319 bytes. The data that you cut in step 10 should end with "...01 3F 01 00 00" where "01 3F" is big endian hex for 319. If you have something different you need to translate it and cut the file accordingly. Note that most online hex-decimal converters expect little endian so to translate 01 3F, enter 3F01.
11a. Sometimes the download process inserts extra carriage returns (hex "0D") into the file and fsc.exe will give an error "Version after create () = 0xD1". It seems normal files have only one instance of "0D" near the end so try deleting any earlier instances until you get to 319 bytes. See more advanced detail in the bmw coding thread "get 1b file from Exx CIC without ICOM" starting at post #296.[/quote]