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Originally Posted by mhdoc View Post
After I did this, the valentine worked, but the sunroof was altered. Raising the back end of the roof now happens in several steps, in response to hitting the switch in the way that used to put it up all at once... and as for opening the roof, that is, sliding it back, it starts to work...dropping the back edge, but then, on various tests, either does nothing more, or will only move back ~ 2 inches at a time, until ~ half open, then will do no more.

What have I done? I took off the detector wires, and it made no difference. Left them off so I can go to dealer and have them fix it...unless someone can suggest something easy that I should be looking at.


Try holding down the sunroof button for ~30 seconds - the roof needs to go through a complete open and close cycle. Once complete everything should be reset. Nice trick I recently learned from the dealer.