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Noise and fuel consumption N53


I have a 325i with the N53 engine (LCI from 2010) and two things happen:

1. There is a loud ticking noise from from the engine (like a pinging noise) and it comes and goes away randomly. See this video

2. The fuel consumption is suddenly much higher than usual. Normally with mixed city/highway about 8liter/100km but now 10 liter/100km. See this video how the fuel economy gauge acts weird - with very gentle acceleration the consumption gauge goes all the way to 20liter.... see this video

Any ideas guys? It would be great to have your comments.

I have had new injectors installed (all 6), new coils (all 6) and 6 new spark plugs only 6 months ago. I have just replaced the NOx sensor, but this did not improve anything.

Now all my spark plugs are totally the picture attached.

There are no related fault codes.
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