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I have a 2011 BMW 335i E90 N55 47k miles

So I changed my spark plugs. My oil and oil filter. I also changed the Oil filter housing gasket. Once I was done i left the car idle and warmed the engine up to see if I had any oil leaks and I noticed I had one the the same area as the ofhg. I noticed oil pooling up near the oil filter. It was a small leak at first then as I'm about to back out I get in thr car and it tells me I'm low on oil to shut off the engine to avoid damage. So I got worried and turned the car off. I went and looked at the car and i lost about 1 or 2 quarts of oil. It went from a small leak to a big leak. There was oil on the hood as if the oil shot up so i knew it came from the oil filter area. Then to see the source of the leak i go to turn on the car again. But now it won't start it clicks and the lights on the dash flicker then it just stop completely. Any idea on whay i could be.?