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Just to mention....

Originally Posted by lee335 View Post
To be honest i would stick with the 335, if its more power you want get a remap.

In my eyes you are going backwards in terms of e92 back to e46

I know the 'M' badge is very appealing as i keep thinking i want an M3 over my 335i but am just about to buy JB4 and then i will be happy again. Look into getting a remap and stick with the newer model

An M car isn't only 'bout power. Its about tricky diff., suspension, brakes, steering and a host of other attributes that place its driveability way above a standard 'd' or 'i' car. An 'M' car is about way higher limits AND limits that are forgiving, predictable and non-threatening. Drive an 'i' care at the limit of adhesion and it will suddenly snap...push an 'M' car to the same point and you gradually unwind steering lock. A totally different ballgame.
Map a 'd' car and you may have the same power but you have nothing like like the same level of predictability or finesse.

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