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Originally Posted by The Low Key OG
I was reading my issue of C&D about the F30 vs ATS. I noticed at the end that they said "We're convinced that the E90 would handily win a comparison test against the F30."

I won't spoil the winner for anyone, but what do E90 owners think about this statement? I think I would rather have an E90 than an F30...
Cd were big fans of e90. In part because of their reviews I bought e90.

It's nice they compare e90 and f30. I would like all car magazines to include actual current vs prev test drive compares, cause people often cross shop when generations switch.

I guess is 250/350 would loose to is300 in cd eyes.

Personally I never test drove f30, but wouldn't buy it because of
- di engine (carbonization)
- more weight
- inside design is too generic