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Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
I just got kinda screwed by BMW of Fairfax (particularly Matt Juliar).

I had my car in for routine service/maintenance a few weeks back. One of the air dam/plastic flaps under my car has come off, so I tucked it underneath the bumper cover. I simply asked that they reinstall it. Matt claims that the technician "didn't see anything wrong." Well he must not be a very good technician if he can't spot the asymmetry between the 2 flaps with 1 missing and tucked up. My maintenance/oil change was complete, so let it go (shouldn't have).
That seems like a communication problem, or a disconnect happened somewhere. I assume you pointed out the air dam/plastic flap? Did you check on it after you picked your car up?

Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
They neglected to remind me about my 4 years/50k maintenance expiring at my last visit. I brought my car in with a service light again this morning. It's due for brake fluid and cabin filter. The SA asked if I was given a quote for this service last time I was in. I said "No.. What happened to BMW Ultimate Service?" thinking my 6 years/100k extended warranty covers maintenance. They want ~$340 (I can do it for $43). Partially my fault for misunderstanding maintenance vs. warranty, but I guess I'm becoming my own mechanic again.
I don't understand why they should remind you that your maintenance has expired. Shouldn't that be up to you to know?

And no, extended 6 yrs/100K never covered maintenance. That's a separate plan which you have to purchase.

Either way, sorry for your experience, but Matt Juliar has been a stand up guy and great with customers. Rich is awesome too.

Anyways, Matt Juliar has left FFX and is now at BMW of Sterling.

Originally Posted by five3three View Post
Only one problem with this...

Rich is no longer under Matt Juliar so you either have to go with the good advisor or their best technician. Rich now works under Laszlo (as of a couple of months ago).
Doesn't matter what team Rich is on, only he touches my car. The SA's know that and will coordinate accordingly. At least for me they do.