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Originally Posted by issabmw View Post

Im looking into it. On the oem parts website, they show the n51 sulev as having this intake along with the 128. They share the same part number. Any thoughts?
Interesting. If you input the parts needed, it shows z4, x3, 330i, and 130i all with the same part number (11617559523). Now, do you know if you have that n51 sulev engine? I thought that was California based or very few states. I would just check with your dealer and have them type in the last 7 of your vin and it shows a code like "n52 2996 cc" for mine. Althought, the n51 might just be emissions based/same power output.

But, seriously, I would be all over this ASAP if I had enough funds at the moment, with or without the tune, and I have spent money on mods that do far less than this...$500 for intake (3 hp), $750 for exhaust (6hp, maybe), $500 for M3 parts ($1 million hp, jk)...etc..etc..